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Moving Out Presentation

About the game Moving Out, this video presentation was designed to recreate a power point slide but with visual transition effects


TechSmith Camtasia, Microsoft PowerPoint

For this university project, the task was creating a video presentation using PowerPoint as the primary visual tool. However, an alternative approach was taken to infuse an extra layer of creativity and dynamism into the presentation. The PowerPoint design was the foundation and was recreated within Camtasia, a video editing software with many transitions and effects. By adopting this strategy, the intention was to harness the full potential of Camtasia's capabilities, ensuring an engaging and captivating video yet faithful to the PowerPoint. The project required a 5-minute duration, with the chosen topic centred around analysing an indie game produced in Australia.

While PowerPoint offers a convenient platform for creating slide-based presentations, its capabilities in terms of video editing and post-production effects are limited. On the other hand, Camtasia provides a comprehensive set of tools and functionalities specifically for designing engaging videos. Camtasia has various visual effects and transitions, transforming videos from simple slideshows to captivating experiences. With Camtasia, animations, overlays, and motion graphics can be added effortlessly to enhance the visual appeal of the content. One of Camtasia's standout features is its ability to record screens, making it ideal for software tutorials, demonstrations, and walkthroughs. Combining screen recordings with traditional slide presentations allows for engaging videos that effectively communicate complex ideas or showcase step-by-step processes.

Final presentation on the game Moving Out mataching the PowerPoint

The design process in this project began with writing a well-researched script on Moving Out, the chosen topic. Focused questions guided the research process, exploring the game's developers, potential franchise, the technology consumers would use to play it, the scale of the development team, and its financial success. The research drew mostly from news articles on the game's release, development concepts, and accessibility options. Images showcasing the game, its conceptualisation, and the developing team behind its creation were gathered through Jan Rigerl's Twitter feed and the Team17 site. While financial success details proved elusive, public data on SteamDB allowed for a reasonable estimation of unit sales, offering valuable insights into the game's reception.

... Late development image from Moving Out by SMG Studio
... Academic focus on PowerPoint with figures and in-text references

With the script complete, the focus shifted to the design of the presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint. These slides, serving as the building blocks, would later be translated into Camtasia after the recording phase. This is due to the timing of the transitions, which can not be planned accurately ahead of the script recording. Each slide within the presentation clearly outlined the topic, with the title of each slide starting with the game's name, "Moving Out," accompanied by a pun about the slide's focus. A background of blue with grey text and image borders helped to add contrast and highlight important information. The PT Sans font was used as it ensured optimal readability while pairing with Moving Out's full-rounded font. While the PowerPoint maintained an academic focus, featuring figure captions and a slide dedicated to academic references, the final video presentation would shed these elements, enhancing clarity and visual impact.

... Slide mid-transition in the video version of the presentation

With the PowerPoint design solidified and the script recorded, the development phase of the video presentation commenced. Using the video format, which avoids the limitations of static PowerPoint slides, the thematic simplicity of the design continued in the video's transitions. Two distinct transition types emerged, one for text elements and another for slides and images, as this deliberate choice ensured a cohesive visual experience. The decision to use a video format came from surpassing the limitations imposed by the university assignment's requirement to export the PowerPoint in PDF format. As PDFs do not support embedded video recordings, the video format emerged as the optimal solution, providing an immersive experience that static slides could not provide. This transformation replaced specific images within the original PowerPoint design with dynamic video counterparts. The transition to the video format allowed for a more efficient presentation of slides that originally housed only a concise selection of images. While most required footage was readily accessible online, some discussed elements were not. Firsthand footage of Moving Out on a Nintendo Switch was captured, including a level of the game and various menus, such as options, DLC, and accessibility settings. Through this development, the transition to the video format allowed for a more captivating presentation, surpassing static slides' limitations.

In summary, the production of the video presentation was a success as the design between PowerPoint and Camtasia effectively conveyed the development and publication journey of the game Moving Out. The transitions used throughout the presentation demonstrated simplicity across each slide. Notably, using a fade transition to showcase the contrast between the game's appearance with and without the dyslexic text mode worked better in video format than with PowerPoint. One area for improvement was the pronunciation of certain names in the recorded script, as discrepancies arose due to the phonetic nature of Swedish names, diverging from their English alphabet counterparts. Another aspect for refinement in future video presentations lies in the pacing of transitions. At times, the rapid succession of transitions hindered the full absorption of displayed images. Allowing for more deliberate pauses and longer waiting times between transitions can make the presentation more spacious and relaxed in atmosphere. In conclusion, the production of the video presentation not only effectively conveyed the topic of Moving Out and allowed for practice in creating consistent dual designs.

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